TEA report lists SAISD behind other Bexar Co. districts

SAISD needs most improvement according to TEA

SAN ANTONIO – Despite the graduation rate being up from last year, San Antonio Independent School District was still deemed the district most in need of improvement in all of Bexar County. 

SAISD spokesperson Michelle Jimenez said a higher passing standard this year made it difficult for some of the schools in the district to meet the Texas Education Agency standards.

"Eighteen of our 90 campuses were deemed in need of improvement, but it's promising that all but one of our campuses passed the student progress measure in the accountability system," said Jimenez.

TEA said 90 percent of districts and 85 percent of schools statewide met the state's minimum education standards. For SAISD, a majority of their schools did meet the requirements.

"Sixty-nine of our 90 campuses did meet the standards in all four areas that the state looks at for accountability, and eight of our campuses that were on the improvement required list, this year have met (the) standard," said Jimenez.

Jimenez further stated the district plans to do more tracking of individual students on a weekly basis, beginning in the ninth grade. She said with better tracking, the district should be able to provide better intervention.

"We are making progress and we plan to continue to work towards progress at all of our schools," said Jimenez.

SAISD does have 20 magnet and specialty school, the most in Bexar County. These schools attract some of the best students around by offering special instruction and programs that typically aren't offered at most public schools.