Clark, Holmes high schools show off talents on field, stage


SAN ANTONIO – If you see Dr. Seuss characters wondering around the campus of Holmes High School, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

The theater and arts department is preparing for "Seussical," a musical that compiles characters from several Dr. Seuss books.

All the parts are being played by students, who grew up loving books like Green Eggs and Ham.

"I love hearing the stories from when I was little (and) just to be able to bring it to life now is such an honor and I am having a great time," said Hannah Green, who play Maisy the Bird.

The cat is actually played by Kat Flipse.

"It is so thrilling to be able to play the 'Cat in the Hat' because it is such a character that is so out there (and) there is so much room for experimentation," said Flipse. "(I'm going to) just have fun with it."

Several Clark students also are members of the Mock UN. Students, including senior Caroline Carrillo, have traveled to New York City to take part in the international version of the Mock UN.

Carrillo got a chance to meet students from places like Germany and South Africa. She was representing Egypt in the World Heath Organization.

"You write a position paper and then you get up and debate in front of other people," said Carrillo.

Her paper was signed by all the countries represented in her group. They supported her presentation of controlling the transfer of diseases across borders -- something in the forefront today.

The group was actually in the UN building. Carrillo was even able to sit in a chair occupied by a real member of the UN.

"They had all these papers they had just gotten out of a meeting and they were like no one is allowed to open the folders no one is allowed to touch the papers oh my gosh this is so official," Carrillo said.

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