Cancer patient, 4, named honorary sheriff's deputy

Jalene Salinas given official pin, certificate, cowboy hat


SAN ANTONIO – There is a new sheriff's deputy in town, and she is an inspiration to all who meet her.

Tuesday, Jalene Salinas, 4, was driven to the Bexar County Courthouse in an official vehicle, sirens blaring.

She was escorted into the courthouse clutching the hands of deputies Juan Mireles and Raul Medellin.

With Jalene sitting in a chair like a princess, Judge Ron Rangel administered the oath on one knee.

"Just by coming down here looking into her eyes and by feeling the life that she gives, you can't get better than that," said Rangel, at the 379th District Court. "That is really what we are here for."

Jalene then received the official pin, a certificate from Sheriff Susan Pamerlaeu, and the official uniform: a cowboy hat.

She also received gifts, like stuffed animals, and plenty of hugs from her new co-workers.

Jalene said her favorite moment was "when I got my (pin)."

She has been fighting terminal brain cancer for several months now and has become an inspiration.

"That is one thing I wanted for her is to feel the same that she has made others feel," said Jennifer Arriaga, Jalene's mom. "I know she feels special. She believes everybody is praying for her, she believes everybody is behind her in the her fight."

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