City, SAPOA negotiators resume discussions

City: 'Getting closer, but not close enough'; Union cool to city's latest wage offer

SAN ANTONIO – It was another session of proposals and counter proposals Friday as negotiators for the city and the San Antonio Police Officer's Association continued to try working out a contract agreement.

"We're getting closer and closer but not close enough," Jeff Londa, the city's lead negotiator, said following the 90 minute meeting Friday.

The city's latest wage offer provides for a 10.8 percent wage increase payable in increments through October 2017, and a 2 percent lump sum payable this year following ratification of an agreement. It is a critical element of the discussions and could derail any health care agreements.

"This wage increase that we have offered more than offsets the additional cost of health care," Londa said.

Union president Mike Helle said the proposal falls short.

"Is it something that had a strong response from our team? The answer is absolutely not," Helle said.

Obviously frustrated with the negotiations after Friday's second session this week, Helle said, "Moses himself, when he went up to Mount Sinai, it took only 40 days and 40 nights to get the tablets from God himself, and we're now in 15 months of negotiations, and we still can't get a deal done."

Londa had a more positive assessment of things.

"I think there's still a little wiggle room on both sides," he said.

They are scheduled to meet again on March 31.

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