Students, faculty demand resignation of Alamo Colleges chancellor


SAN ANTONIO – Students and faculty came together Tuesday evening to demand Alamo Colleges' Chancellor Bruce Leslie either step down or be fired.

Many believe Leslie is cutting student services and they do not like the changes being made to degree plans.

"I feel that student success within Alamo Colleges is being endangered because of his policies and actions, and he does not respect the students or the faculty," said student Kimberly Garcia.

Others shared a different view Tuesday evening. "I think the chancellor, in his eight years here, has done a pretty phenomenal job of turning the entire colleges around," said Klaus Weiswurm, ITM Inc.

Board members did not take action Tuesday night in regards to the public comments. Leslie's job was not an action item on the board's agenda.

Leslie later defended his work. "The board has given me these charges. I have done everything within the context of those charges which can be found online so anybody can see what they are and guess what they are all about. Student success. So again there is a lot of issues here that are really kind of personal agendas rather than student agendas," Leslie said.

Leslie has been the chancellor of Alamo Colleges since 2006.