A young victim's road to recovery after a road rage crash leaves him paralyzed

"You just pray to God that everything's gonna be okay,"

Candice Matthews says Oct. 4, 2011, forever changed her life. Her then 2-year-old son’s father called, saying little Braylon was injured in a road rage incident.

"You just pray to God that everything's gonna be okay," Matthews said.  She would later learn that her son was paralyzed.  

Braylon Nelson was injured when at least two vehicles with men engaged in a road rage incident smashed into a car driven by Braylon’s father. For their part in the crash Matthews said the men only received three months in jail.

Now 6, Braylon receives two physical therapy treatments each week at the family's Kirby home. He also visits the Texas State University Physical Therapy Lab once a week.  

After insurance, Matthews says she spends nearly a thousand dollars a month on additional expenses. To help out the family created a charity event, the Braylon Nelson 3K Road Rage Awareness Walkathon.

The event will take place Saturday, at Kirby Friendship Park at 10 a.m.

The family has a Braylon Nelson fund set up in the boy’s name at Frost Bank.  In addition, if you're interested in this year's Road Rage Awareness Walkathon, click on the links.