Kids go on shopping spree so families have presents under the tree

Catholic Charities gave each child $100 to buy their families holiday gifts


The holidays can be a stressful time for low income families. Many worry about budgeting for the basics, only to worry about the spending for gifts. That's why Catholic Charities is stepping in to help, with a very unique shopping spree.

It was the first time in Sindy Barron's young life that she had $100 to spend on whatever she wanted at Target. She spent every dime on her family. 

"I'm planning to get my cousin and my little cousin down in Mexico some stuff because they're having trouble getting money," she said.

She thought hard about what each family member needs the most. She knew exactly what to get her mom.

"When she goes to work it's so cold. And her hands, they hurt because it's so cold, so I got my mom some gloves and then I got my dad t-shirts," she said.

John Martinez was also shopping for his family and revealed a cart full of toys.

"Legos for my brother, and then a little pack of Legos for my other brother, my baby brother," he said.

The 30 kids who got to go shopping are most excited to see how their families will react when they open the presents. 

Target even donated all of the wrapping paper so the kids could wrap their gifts. 

The whole morning was possible because of Catholic Charities donors like Jim Hencke. He funded the shopping spree. The kids who participated are those who go to the Catholic Charities Guadalupe Community Center and they are all from lower income families.

"The idea is that they're picking put the gifts for their families so it's more dignified. The thought that goes behind gifts is just as important as purchasing the gift and we really wanted to provide the spirit for Christmas," said Guadalupe Community Center Director Elizabeth Nemeth.

Sindy is beyond thankful.

"Because this is one chance in life that you can buy all the stuff for your family," she said with a smile.

This will be a Christmas she'll never forget.


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