Mexico native shares heritage, culture with NISD students

Students learn language, arts

SAN ANTONIO – Northside Independent School District is trying out a new way of learning, and it's coming from across the border.

With the approval from the Mexican Consulate, Osvaldo Ruelas has come from Guanajuato, Mexico, to share his love of the Mexican culture with American students at NISD, and he's doing it all in Spanish.

Students are using a balloon, lots of paper and a special paste made out of flour and boiled water to stick everything together to create pinatas..

"The way I've been doing it is just get a little bit on my hands and then you just rub it all over the paper," said seventh-grader Christian Malley. "You get it on one side and then start lining it up."

Students are learning pinatas for more than just getting candy. Along with the language, their teacher said they're learning an appreciation of the culture

"(They're) not only learning the language is important, it's also important to know from the heart where all of these traditions and all the cultural that involves the Hispanic culture," teacher Nayda Trocha said.

The students appear to really be into the arts and crafts style learning.

"I like doing hands-on more, so this is really interesting, because you get to learn about heritage and do something cool," seventh-grader Lucille Gradillas said.

Ruelas will be sharing Mexican art traditions with elementary and junior high students all week.