New law allows fireworks stands to be closer to city limits

Distributors applaud the move, say business will be better

SAN ANTONIO – As New Year’s Eve approaches customers planning to use fireworks to welcome in the new year will be able to purchase fireworks much closer to the city limits.

The sale of fireworks previously was permitted only beyond 5,000 feet from the city limits.

Legislation enacted during the last legislative session provides for stands to be located immediately outside the San Antonio city limits.

However the use of fireworks inside the city is still banned.

The new law has prompted distributors to relocate stands closer to the city limits. Location is critical, they say.

“We see around 30 percent of our customers will stop at the first location they see and that has a big impact on our sales,” said Luke Girdley, President and CEO of Alamo Fireworks.

Girdley said that while moving stands closer to the city limits is proving profitable, it was not an easy task.

“There’s building permits and all sorts of endless permits it seems like with the county, buy they’re very helpful to us.


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