Eastwood Village community leaders meet to curb crime

Meeting comes after a deadly shootout, crash on Monday

SAN ANTONIO – Monday’s deadly shooting and crash that left a 20-year-old man dead in the 700 block of Upland Road is not the type of crime the Eastwood Village neighborhood is used to.

“This is not happening from within,” said Pastor Andrew Roberts of Eastwood Community Baptist Church. “The things that happen here are mostly people that come from outside of the neighborhood.”

Roberts, the former president of the Ministers and Citizens Alliance, opened its church doors Thursday night for a special meeting of the alliance to discuss the growing crime in their area along with possible solutions.

“So much of what's happening to our children, and sometimes we don't want to admit it, begins at home,” he said. “Parents have a responsibility to teach their kids the difference between that that is right and wrong.”

Lisa Hullum moved to the neighborhood three years ago and said until recently, the streets were always quiet at night.

“We've definitely noticed a lot of gunshots,” she said. “Over the past few months the gunshots have increased a lot.”

She and people in attendance at the meeting called for more police patrols in the area to help send a message.