San Antonio company uses Oculus Rift to build virtual experiences

Geomedia banking on growth of virtual reality


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio-based production and interactive company Geomedia is using the new Oculus Rift headset -- the latest in virtual reality technology -- to test the virtual experiences it creates.

"What we're using it for is to create virtual reality experiences for everything from theme parks to museums, zoos, sort of entertainment-based spaces," said Jeremy Kenisky, director of 3D and interactive.

Geomedia's clients include the San Antonio Zoo, Valero, the San Antonio Spurs, VIA and more.

"We had a partnership with the San Antonio Zoo, where we used augmented reality to highlight a few of their animals," said Murray Breit, director of business development at Geomedia.

These capabilities give zoogoers, for example, a more interactive experience and make it a lot more fun to learn. Geomedia created augmented reality environments for visitors to interact with. (Watch the video below for more on this.)

While virtual reality was going on in one room, around the corner, teams at Geomedia tested another virtual experience using mobile devices to put a 3D image over the real world.

"We’re also talking to corporate clients like banks, insurance companies and things like that to use it as a way to tell stories to their customers," Breit said.

Adding to the virtual wow-factor, it's estimated that augmented and virtual reality has a future in the billions of dollars.

"Huge corporations like Facebook, Google, Samsung, Sony ... all these corporations have invested heavily into this technology. So if they're doing that, I think there is a really bright future for these things," Breit said.

This all gives San Antonio a new virtual perspective of interactive technology.

WATCH: DinosAR (Augmented Reality) -- Geomedia