Order up: Investigators looking for Domino's Pizza burglars

Investigators say same 3-4 men have hit about 15 stores

SAN ANTONIO – Investigators are looking for a group of males they say are responsible for a series of Domino's burglaries.

They believe three or four males have burglarized approximately 15 Domino's locations in the past three or four months during the early hours. Most of the burglaries have been in the North or Northeast Side of Bexar County, said San Antonio police spokesman Officer Doug Greene.

One store, in the 32400 block of West Avenue, had a burglary alarm go off a little before 5:30 a.m., according to a report. The officer who responded wrote that it appeared the suspects had pried the front door open, ransacked the office and tried to get into the safe before fleeing out the back door.

"And it appears they were rummaging through the whole location to try and take some items," Greene said. "At this point, there hasn't been anything documented as far as what was taken from the location."

Investigators released surveillance photos of what appear to be two different men as well as two cars they said have been used in the burglaries. One vehicle appeared to be a dark blue 90's-era Lexus or Toyota Camry. The other appeared to be a dark-colored Dodge Dakota.

"Usually in these cases, there's someone in the getaway vehicle as a driver, then you have two to three individuals that enter the location," Greene said.

Given the apparent preference for Domino's, was it an inside job? Greene said that's always a question.

"That's something that we always look into, no matter what business it is, no matter if it was one or two times. We will investigate to see if there's any involvement with employees at the location."

Crime Stoppers is offering up to $5,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the person or people who committed these Domino's burglaries.

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