Man adopts stray dog that shadows him for 155 miles

Ultramarathon companion becomes pet


(LAKANA) – A stray dog that joined Scottish man Dion Leonard at the starting line of a 155-mile ultramarathon across the Gobi Desert has gone from running companion to pet.

Leonard was surprised the dog could keep up, and the two ran 23 miles a day, summiting at 20,000 feet in elevation, The Washington Post reports.

The puppy, nicknamed Gobi, slept with Leonard, shared meals and helped him run faster. Leonard even carried her across river crossings.

Gobi had to sit out for a few legs of the race when temperatures hit up to 125 degrees.

Leonard placed second in the race, where he and Gobi were both honored with medals.

With the help of a crowdfunding campaign, Leonard and his wife are working to raise the money to get Gobi home.

Leonard jokingly told the Washington Post he hopes a horse or alpaca doesn't shadow him on the next race because he isn't sure he could take it home.