Balcones Heights police searching for man suspected of stealing vehicle

Lockout, lockdown lifted at Dellview Elementary, St. Gregory School

SAN ANTONIO – Balcones Heights police are searching for a man who is suspected of stealing a vehicle and attempted to hit a police car.

Police activity and a reported shooting prompted a lockout at Dellview Elementary and lockdown at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School, which have been lifted. Both schools are located on Dewhurst Road.

Lorenzo Nastasi, spokesperson for the city of Balcones Heights, said the incident began just before 10 a.m. Tuesday on Gill Road near Beryl Drive.

Nastasi said police tried to pull over a vehicle suspected of being stolen. Instead, he said the driver tried to evade them and attempted to hit a police car before eventually crashing in a vacant lot.

The man took off on foot, starting the search.

Nastasi said he believed "a shot" was fired but did not know by whom. He said it was unknown whether the man was wounded.

Balcones Heights police, aided by San Antonio police, searched the surrounding Dellview neighborhood, including an apartment building and drainage. A helicopter circled the scene, while a K-9 unit searched for a scent.

At around 11:30 a.m., police began pulling out of the area, unable to find the suspect.

"Around that area there's a lot of wooded area, uneven terrain, ditches, things like that. It's very difficult," Nastasi said, "and if the K-9s can't find him, he's not there.

San Antonio and Balcones Heights police are searching for the man. No other injuries have been reported.

Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to call Balcones Heights police at 210-735-9212.

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