SWAT Superhero Drop a treat for young hospital patients on Halloween

This year's event dedicated to son of SAPD officer

SAN ANTONIO – For millions of kids across the country Monday night is filled with costumes and candy, fun time with neighborhood friends and the chance to say up a little past bedtime.  

But for some kids, a hospital stay means that’s just not possible.

So San Antonio Police Department SWAT and San Antonio Fire Department Rescue Team members stepped in to help.

Dressed as superheroes, the first responders rappelled down the side of North Central Baptist Hospital Monday as young patients watched from the windows.

"It’s great! It’s great. It’s a good opportunity for us to come by and brighten up their Halloween for children who might not be having such a good one,” said Batman, a member of SWAT. “The guys really look forward to this each year -- putting smiles on the kids’ faces.”

It worked for Briea Houston, who was supposed to leave the hospital Monday but found out she would have to stay a little longer.

“Looks like everybody's enjoying themselves,” said Briea’s mother, Traci Houston. “She was a little down earlier, so I’m happy she was able to get out of bed and see what's going on and it seems to be cheering up the kids. So they’re doing a wonderful job.”

The superheroes who are heroes when the wear their first responder uniforms too visited with patients and posed for pictures.

This year’s SAPD SWAT Superhero Drop was in honor of 5-year-old Julian Andrade, the son of Officer Jose Andrade.

Julian died of cancer in 2015. He was a patient at North Central Baptist Hospital.

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