Garden Ridge leaders say trapping deer only option legally available to control population

City estimates 3,000 deer within city limits

GARDEN RIDGE, Texas – An emotional issue for many in South Texas, the city of Garden Ridge is reminding residents of why the city continues to trap deer.

City leaders are stressing to residents it is the only legal option allowed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife to control overpopulation.

It is estimated there are 3,000 deer inside city limits, 10 times the amount recommended for a healthy herd.

"I wish there was an alternative. I wish there was something else we could do,” City Councilman Todd Arvidson said. “If we could find a better way, I would do it."

The city hires professional trappers, who use nets that fall on the animal.

In 2015, the city said 131 deer were captured; an additional 35 have been caught in 2016. Once the deer are captured they are slaughtered and their meat is processed and donated to food shelters around the state.

Arvidson said if the felt the deer were being injured, he would stop the operation.