Commission votes against rental space plan in historic East Side neighborhood

Man says he'll still take proposal to San Antonio City Council


SAN ANTONIO – In a battle to turn backyard space into rental space in a historic East Side neighborhood, the San Antonio Zoning Commission did not approve the project during a Tuesday vote on the matter -- but that doesn’t mean the issue is finalized.

Chris Mongeon stood before the commission, explaining his plan to build a structure with three apartments in the back of his home in the Dignowity Hill neighborhood.

Mongeon responded to concerns about this type of project leading to a crowded neighborhood.

“We believe density within limits is a good thing,” he said. “And the density we have right now is very low, and we could stand a little more density. It’s appropriate for the neighborhood to grow.”

Some neighbors are worried the project could lead to issues with parking.

Others support the plan.

Despite the failed vote, Mongeon can still take the proposal to City Council for approval. He said he plans to do so.

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