Money-for-sex setup ends in murder, affidavit says

Brandon Lee Medina, 24, killed outside Lulu's restaurant

SAN ANTONIO – Police have caught up with three of the four people they believe are behind a May stabbing death outside of the popular Lulu's Bakery & Cafe.

Faith Barrientes, 17, Genie Rose Aguilar, 20, Johnny Estrada, 20, and Ruben Arellano, 21, have all been charged with murder.

When San Antonio police officers arrived the morning of May 12, they found Brandon Lee Medina, 24, in the Lulu's parking lot covered in blood after he was stabbed in the chest.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Police found a witness walking away from the scene. More witnesses came forward after authorities released pictures of the people they were looking for and asking for tips from the public.

Police learned it was an alleged robbery setup. There was supposed to be an exchange of money for sex but it quickly had turned deadly.

The arrest documents detail how security footage from a nearby Motel 6 showed two women entering a room.

A witness told police he was in the room, too, and after the women arrived, men ran in and attacked him and Medina.

Security footage showed Medina running out and the assault continuing.

Aguilar told police it was Estrada who stabbed Medina. The documents also said when the four suspects knew police were on to them, a witness told police he heard them trying to get their story straight.

As of Monday evening, Estrada, the alleged stabber, still hadn't been booked.