District 2 councilman reopens Northeast Side Council Office

Rittiman location will provide same services as East Side Location

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SAN ANTONIO – District 2 Councilman William "Cruz" Shaw announced the reopening of the council field office on the City's Northeast Side.

"I'm so blessed to have all of you here. This is your office and we're here to work for you, so thank you for being here, and we are now open for business. " Shaw said during Thursday's ribbon-cutting ceremony.

District 2 covers a lot of ground.

"It's one of the biggest districts in the city. I mean, it runs from the East Side all the way up Broadway, Mahncke Park, up to (Loop) 410, back around to (Highway) 90," Shaw said.

For the past two years, there was only one office serving the district, located on the city's East Side. On Thursday, the new council office, on the corner of Rittiman Road and Madarin, opened its doors. 

"It's nice to know that there's a location even closer and more accessible," said Claude Upton, District 2 resident.

Residents who live on the city's Northeast Side can now stay closer to home and still have their concerns addressed face to face. 

"If we can't talk to our constituents, then we're not doing our jobs, so we want to make sure that they can come in. We have an open-door policy. Meet with me, meet with our staff," Shaw said.

Residents on the Northeast Side are taking to the idea of the new office.

"I'm telling everybody in my neighborhood that they're opening this office, and there's no excuse for them not coming out," said Linda Marple, District 2 resident.

Many are already looking forward to positive changes in District 2

"Being able to provide opportunities for people, if we can look at other sections of the city and see how they've been able to be developed, I would like to see those same ideas and visions done here," said the Rev. C.J. Littlefield, who lives in District 2.

The Rittiman Road location has been closed for two years. Last month, the City Council approved the lease agreement to reopen it.

The office will be open during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

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