TECH SA: SA Int'l Airport uses smart sensor cameras in parking garages

System helps passengers know where available parking spaces are

SAN ANTONIO – As part of its commitment to further elevate the passenger experience, San Antonio International Airport is using technology in their parking lot. 

The airport is using Park Assist M4 smart sensor camera that helps passengers know where available parking spaces are through overhead lights at the garages.

“Each of those looks at four parking spaces,” airport parking manager Tamera Marberry said. 

Marberry said in an effort to help passengers at the airport save time, they installed this system. 

“The red, of course, means that the spaces are full. Green means that the spaces are open. Blue indicates the ADA parking space that is open. Purple means reserve parking space, prearranged trips that are in the garage then go pick up their passengers in the terminal,” Marberry said. 

The airport installed these devices when the short-term parking garage opened last fall. Marberry said there was recently a solicitation for proposals for parking guidance system in long-term garages, which is currently under review. 

Marberry said this helps during busy travel seasons and is a great addition to the airport. 

“We can tell how many of those spaces are used more frequently. Hot spots in the garage. Which ones are the most popular. Which ones turn over,” Marberry said. 

Last year, more than 9 million passengers traveled at the airport. 

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