Watch all of KSAT’s coverage from the 1,700-mile journey along the U.S.-Mexico border

Immigrant surrenders to Border Patrol, father separated from daughter

KSAT is traveling 1,700 miles along the U.S., Mexican border from Brownsville to San Diego to tell the stories about the people who live there and what the recent political climate has done to their day-to-day lives.

Our team is also interviewing law enforcement officials, nonprofits and migrants who have crossed the border.

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See where Tiffany Huertas and Adrian Garcia are headed on the map

Immigrant surrenders to Border Patrol on camera; officials commend ‘zero tolerance policy’

READ: Migrant father pens heartfelt letter after separated from daughter


Rio Grande Valley landowners living along the border share experiences with immigrants


Undocumented mothers say they left violence; now fearing deportation

Fear of violence, deportation back in hometown haunts undocumented immigrants


Deadline nears for migrant children to be reunited with parents

Billboards pushing for migrant family reunifications as deadline nears


Deadline arrives for US to reunite migrant families following ‘zero-tolerance' policy

El Paso shelter offers hospitality to reunited migrant families

Catholic Charities CEO: Reunification of separated families has been learning experience


How Border Patrol is combating drug cartels, illegal activity from Ciudad Juaréz

How officials identify deceased immigrants found along US-Mexico border

PICS: Arizona Sheriff shares images of drug cartel tunnels found in border town


Nonprofit organization receiving teddy bears for migrant children separated from families

Volunteers hike deadly desert mountains to place water for migrants

Families separated at border reunite briefly in San Diego park

About the Authors

Tiffany Huertas is a reporter for KSAT 12 known for her in-depth storytelling and her involvement with the community.

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