Driver ignored flood barrier before getting stuck in floodwaters on North Side


SAN ANTONIO – A driver became stuck in flood waters on the city's North Side early Saturday morning after he apparently ignored a flood barrier.

Authorities were called to Sleepy Hollow Street near Huebner and Vance Jackson roads just after 5 a.m. and found the man's car half-submerged in water.

Firefighters responded to the scene, but the driver had already gotten out of his Toyota Sequoia and walked through the high water to get to safety.

A nearby water gauge measured approximately 2 1/2 feet to 3 feet high.

The man's daughter arrived at the flooded area with another SU,  and the pair attached a rope to the half-submerged vehicle to the daughter's SUV, eventually towing the car out of the floodwater.

A crew with the city of San Antonio responded to check on the barricade.

Officials with the city are reminding people that the roadblocks are out there for a reason. Those who see a barricade on the road are asked to leave them where they are and to not drive around them.

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