UTSA student robbed after giving man ride, hits suspect with car

Suspect escaped but may be injured, police say

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police are trying to track down a man who robbed a UTSA student at knifepoint after the victim gave him a ride, officials said.

Police said it appears the two men knew each other and that the suspect may also be a student.

"The suspect got picked up by (the) complainant along I-10 somewhere. He had brought him back over here," said San Antonio Police Department Sgt. Benjamin Connell.

Officers found the victim around 6 a.m. Thursday sitting in his car inside a gated apartment complex in the 13900 block of Babcock Road.

He told them once they arrived at that location that the suspect had threatened him with a knife and taken his money.

The suspect was last seen wearing a letterman-style jacket and heading toward a nearby wooded area.

But it appears he didn't exactly make a clean getaway, police said.

"Apparently, after the suspect got out from the vehicle, the complainant backed the vehicle into the suspect, hitting him," Connell said.

There was a noticeable dent on the back of the victim's car, indicating the suspect may be hurt, police said.

Officers searched the area but hit a few roadblocks when it came to using all their resources.

The thick fog that blanketed the city kept them from launching their helicopter, and traffic stalled their attempts to bring in a K-9 unit.

"They were too far away," Connell said. "It was almost an hour before they could get out here, and the scent would've been gone by then."

The suspect managed to escape, police said.

Police thought he may have dropped the knife along the way, but they were not able to find it, either.

The victim was not hurt during the robbery, police said. 


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