TECH SA: Port San Antonio reveals plans for new innovation center

Building will be site of future esports, entertainment events

SAN ANTONIO – Port San Antonio is revealing plans for its new innovation center. The port is renovating buildings that are on campus for future esports, entertainment events and much more. 

Adrienne Cox, chief operating officer for Port San Antonio said they are currently renovating a 133,000 square-foot building into the innovation center. It will include an arena that is expected to attract consumers from across the tech world. 

“One day you can be at a drone competition, next day it can be a cybersecurity event, battlebots, if you will, and of course gaming, which is today’s hot industry,” Cox said. 

Cox said their vision goes beyond entertainment.

“We want to create an environment, where it's 1,500 people capacity at present and it can be for a multitude of activities,” Cox said.

The San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology will also be anchored here. 


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Jim Perschbach, president and CEO of Port San Antonio said they are working closely with schools and businesses, plus political and community leaders, to make the innovation center a place for opportunity.

“What we want to do... is take the thousands upon thousands of young people we have here in San Antonio and provide them a place where they can come in and get excited and get inspired and then take that to the next level. Learn how they can take that into a career. Learn how they can match that with employers. Learn how they can be innovative themselves,” Perschbach said. 

The project is expected to be completed in 18 months.


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