TECH SA: Lie detector device showcased at San Antonio's Border Security Expo

Law enforcement can use new tech in many ways

SAN ANTONIO – The company Converus showed its device called EyeDetect at this year’s Border Security Expo in San Antonio. 

“We have outside the United States some other countries, unfortunately I can’t mention who they are, but other countries who are using it specifically for that purpose, to confirm if a suspected terrorist for example is, in fact, a terrorist or to confirm if someone is lying about the reason for which they are entering the country,” Todd Mickelsen, CEO and president of Converus, said. 

Mickelsen said it has also been used with Texas law enforcement in an internet crimes against children sting operation. 

“We launched it in Mexico and across Latin America. It’s now being used by more than 500 customers in 40 countries and in more than 30 languages,” Mickelsen said. 

The way it works is there is a bar set on a computer that is an infrared high-definition camera that captures up to 60 unique measurements per second, according to Mickelsen. Once it calibrates the eyes, the program will display a series of statements on the screen for the person to respond to with true or false. When the test ends, responses to the questions and eye measurements are uploaded to a web server for scoring and the tester will be informed whether the program has found the person lied or told the truth.


Mickelsen said there are many ways law enforcement can use this product. 

“We have some countries using this to test individuals who may have had a scenario where drugs are found, for example, in their luggage,” Mickelsen said. 

Mickelsen said the company was started by professors at the University of Utah who spent 40 years in the field of lie detection. 

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