San Antonio man trolls wife with hilarious billboards

SAN ANTONIO – If you've seen the new billboards up around town of a man trolling his wife about his blue suit, you might be wondering what they're all about.

Well, Chris Marti, the man in the suit, told KSAT he was just having a bit of fun after a year of back-and-forth pranks with his wife Meredith Marti.

"We just try and have fun with stuff like this as much as we can," Chris Marti said.

Chris Marti is a realtor and explained that his work wardrobe consists mainly of suits, which his wife helps him pick out.

But when he went to the store unaccompanied to pick up an order, he saw a line of limited spring suits and decided to order one.

"It was perfect and fit my personality, and I was beyond excited that this would be my new go-to suit," Marti said.

Apparently, his wife wasn't as impressed. 

"When I come home, I put it on to show her and basically get hit with a 'Wow so what are you wearing?' mixed with an, 'Are you going to actually wear that outside of the house?'

That's when Chris Marti contacted Gerald Hawes Photography for his whimsical photoshoot. 

"I wanted it to be super clear we were having fun with this, so I included the props that you see in the billboards because this is a fun thing and I didn’t want people to think I was nagging on my wife too hard," Marti said.

After that, Marti contacted the billboard company, picked the spots and the rest is history.

"The response has been great, we are being tagged, people are posting the photos all over, people are trying to figure out what we are advertising. It’s just been a good time, so definitely mission accomplished," Chris Marti said.

Gerald Hawes Photography

His wife's response?

"Her reaction has been great, she knows this is something right up my usual antics, so we are all good. I am sure there is a big one up coming in my future, though," he said.

The billboards will be up in June, July and August.

About the Author:

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