Man accused of leaving child with special needs home alone to go to strip club

PINELLAS COUNTY, Florida – A Florida man is charged with neglecting children, including one with special needs, after he left the kids home alone while he went to a strip club, according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Kalvin Guice, 38, was arrested after he left at least two children alone for approximately four hours while at the 4-Play Gentlemen's Club in St. Petersburg, Florida, the report states. According to reports from WFTS-TV and The Smoking Gun, Guice was supposed to care for a boy who has brain damage, is on the autism spectrum and is physically disabled, as well as a girl who is unable to care for the boy.

The report states that the boy, who is nonverbal, was found in a urine-filled diaper.

It's unclear how authorities figured out the children were left alone, though the report states Guice admitted to leaving the kids despite the fact that they were "unable to take care of themselves."

Guice told investigators he went to the strip club where he consumed at least four mixed drinks, then drove home.

Although the report doesn't state how Guice is related to the children, it states they were left in his care while their mother attended a funeral.