Nirenberg outlines goals aimed at creating economic opportunity

San Antonio mayor speaks to North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce


SAN ANTONIO – Providing economic opportunity for all San Antonians is the unifying element of his second-term agenda, Mayor Ron Nirenberg said Friday.   

"Our initiatives are designed to lift up our city, with special attention paid to communities that have been underserved for generations," Nirenberg told business leaders in his annual Vision Speech to the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. "That includes preparing our city for the impact of a rapidly changing climate, building a transportation system for the future, supercharging our workforce and continuing comprehensive efforts to keep this city affordable for all who call San Antonio home."

Nirenberg also touted the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan scheduled for a City Council vote this fall.

"Acting to address the impact of a rapidly changing climate is prudent and economically smart. Even the Pentagon has identified climate change as a national security issue, and Joint Base San Antonio was listed among our nation's key installations that are vulnerable to the effects. The climate plan is a starting point. It's the easy part. It's a roadmap for the future. It is not a set of mandates."     

The address to business leaders also detailed plans for a multimodal transportation and mobility system, support for the Alamo Promise that will provide free tuition at Alamo Colleges for local high school graduates and the ongoing progress in the city effort to ensure affordable housing.

Nirenberg also announced his opposition to any future bonuses as part of the executive compensation for the chief executives at CPS Energy and the San Antonio Water System.

"Bonuses for our utilities' executives must end," he said.