Map: 10 US cities where most San Antonio transplants came from

New residents contributed to SA’s growth spurt

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SAN ANTONIO – Signs of growth are visible all around San Antonio, from constant construction on Interstate 35 to new luxury complexes in the downtown area.

A new map provides some insight on who is contributing to this bloom in Bexar County and where they came from.

Location intelligence company Esri, using IRS data from 2015-2016, mapped out the migrations of people to Bexar County.

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Arteries stretch mainly across the southern half of the U.S., but the typical large cities along the West and East coasts highlight where people are leaving en masse. Flow lines on the maps represent directional flows and not literal paths.

“Seeing population as a flow line helps to reinforce that population in the United States is never stagnant,” Esri states.

Two major California areas top the list of counties outside Texas that are sending the most people to Bexar County, according to the data.

A total of 78,345 people within the U.S. migrated to Bexar County within that time period, records show.

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The top 10 counties in Texas that sent the most people to Bexar County are:

1. Harris County - 3,139

2. Guadalupe County - 3,099

3. Travis County - 2,497

4. Comal County - 1,869

5. El Paso County - 1,755

6. Nueces County - 1,738

7. Hidalgo County - 1,675

8. Webb County - 1,508

9. Atascosa County - 1,331

10. Dallas County - 1,215

The top 10 counties outside of Texas that sent the most people to Bexar County are:

1. Los Angeles County, California - 1,021

2. San Diego County, California - 933

3. Honolulu County, Hawaii - 874

4. El Paso County, Colorado (Denver) - 763

5. Maricopa County, Arizona (Phoenix) - 731

6. Cook County, Illinois (Chicago) - 638

7. Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas) - 568

8. Pierce County, Washington (Tacoma) - 462

9. Fairfax County, Virginia (Washington D.C.) - 444

10. Cumberland County, North Carolina (Fayetteville) - 406

The latest Census statistics released in June showed that the amount of millennials are on the rise in Bexar County.

In Bexar County, people between the ages of 30-34 increased by 29% from 2010-2018, while those between the ages of 25-29 increased by 22%.

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Overall, Bexar County’s population increased by 15 percent during that time frame, according to the Census.

The latest census report shows a lot of people — specifically, millennials — are coming to San Antonio.