Alaskan police catch sea lion looking for snacks at RV park

‘Fall season usually equals bear calls, bear calls, and more bear calls,’ police said

A sea lion in Alaska who made its way to an RV park in the port city of Valdez was herded back to the water on October 7, according to police. Video credit Valdez Police Department via Storyful

VALDEZ, Alaska – Police in Alaska got a weird animal call on Friday after a large sea lion made its way to an RV park.

Valdez Police Department posted photos of the animal and said when they got the call about the sea lion crossing the road it sounded like a “bad joke.”

“Fall season usually equals bear calls, bear calls, and more bear calls...but we went over and lo and behold a sea lion HAD crossed the road,” police said. “The animal was distressed, tired, and we thought, possibly looking for snacks at the gas station.”

Valdez police teamed up with a local resident who owns a backhoe to help the sea lion get back to the tidelands following its brief visit to the park.

After the sea lion made it safely back to its natural habitat, police called it “a legit happy ending for all of us and our new friend.”

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