Here’s how you can make face masks now that the CDC recommends we all wear one

Workers with Venus Fashion have shifted to making medical face masks to donate to Jacksonville hospitals. (Courtesy of Venus Fashion Facebook page)

HOUSTON – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced new guidelines Friday, urging everyone to wear a mask when they leave the house. However, due to the severe shortage of masks, you may not find one at the store.

Jo-Ann’s craft store put out a tutorial for people who want to make masks at home.

The craft store is also hosting classes to provide sewing instructions to those wanting to help produce personal protective equipment. Social distancing guidance recommended by the government will be followed in stores, the company said in a statement.

Jo-Ann’s shares a video tutorial on how to make a face mask:

Making masks? Here’s how to donate them as well

Many nonessential businesses, such as tattoo studios and nail salons, have stepped forward to donate their masks and other protective equipment to hospitals. Some companies are trying to help produce more masks for healthcare workers, by the use of 3D printers or standard textile service.

While N95 respirator masks are most needed for those exposed to coronavirus in hospitals, many are having to settle for fabric hand-made masks in face of the product shortage.

If you have masks to donate, here are some resources for you:

#GetUsPPE is accepting handmade donations. Those wanting to contribute can register online as a mask maker.

DonatePPE provides information to local offices in need of personal protective equipment.

Mask Match is a volunteer-run organization, collecting donations masks to give to medical professionals in need. Mask Match recommends that handmade masks meet the following guidelines:

  • Include a wire sewn in at the top for better fitting to face
  • Clearly delineate front and back (for example by using two different fabrics)
  • Pocket between the two sides so tissues or other material can be slid between sides to add filtering
  • Should be made from woven cotton or cotton jersey and be washable

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