Ammonia spill kills more than 50 fish at San Pedro Creek

The spill is believed to have occurred at the Kiolbassa Smoked Meats plant

Ammonia leak blamed for fish kill on SA River

SAN ANTONIO – In a statement to KSAT, the San Antonio River Authority confirmed an ammonia spill that happened at San Pedro Creek on Wednesday and is affecting fish and animals who call the creek home.

According to a tip to KSAT, fish were “jumping out of the water onto dry land and laying there to die” before witnesses’ eyes.

Yviand Serbones-Hernandez, brand and communications coordinator for the San Antonio River Authority said in a statement that the spill is believed to have happened Kiolbassa Smoked Meats plant by a storm drain inlet on S. San Marcos Street.

“According to statements provided to our Environmental Investigations team, an ammonia spill happened on June 30, just before noon, at the Kiolbassa Smoked Meats plant on S. Brazos street and that the San Antonio Fire Department responded with hoses to dilute,” Hernandez said in a statement to KSAT. “The ammonia entered the creek via a storm inlet at S. San Marcos Street. The River Authority staff has reported the spill to TPWD and TCEQ.”

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According to Hernandez, staff at the River authority were notified of a strong ammonia odor coming from the creek near Furnish Avenue. Hernandez said the River Authority’s Environmental Investigations team confirmed the odor and reported that approximately 50 fish were killed.

Hernandez said River Authority staff has continued to monitor the area and reported an increase of dead fish on Wednesday. The River Authority was also made aware of dead fish observed at the river junction of San Pedro Creek and the San Antonio River on the Mission Reach segment.

“Environmental Sciences and Watershed & Park Operations staff are working on collecting the fish and monitoring water quality conditions,” Hernandez said in a statement to KSAT.

According to Hernandez, whether or not Kiolbassa plant will be responsible for restitution or compensation is at the discretion of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Kills & Spills Team.

KSAT will continue to update this story as details become available.

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