San Antonio car wash doubles as political barometer

Drivers choose bays, Trump, Biden, undecided

SAN ANTONIO – With the presidential election less than two weeks away, the 24/7 Car Wash is doubling as a political barometer, depending on which bay a driver chooses.

“It just happened that we had three bays,” said manager Anthony Ramirez.

Each bay has a sign above it. One for Trump, one for Biden and one for undecided.

" It was curiosity, curiosity on our part," Ramirez said. “We wanted to see if people would take an interest in it, and they have.”

None of the drivers pulling into the bays had anything to say Friday afternoon about the choice they’d made.

But Ramirez said, “We’ve had a lot of thumbs up. We’ve had people questioning why we did it.”

This will be an important election, he said.

Besides, speculation is high as to who could win or lose, but Ramirez isn’t making any predictions just yet as to who garnered the most car washes.

“At the very end on November 3rd, we’ll tally it up and see if if our winner is the same winner that everyone chooses," he said.

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