San Antonio woman’s mashed potato hack goes viral on Buzzfeed

Boil your spuds in meat stock, TikToker suggests

Kitchen stock image. (Pexels)

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio woman has recently started trending on Buzzfeed and TikTok thanks to her clever hack about how she makes mashed potatoes.

Jourdyn “Jeaux” Parks shared her mashed potato routine to TikTok on Dec. 30 and gave advice for people who prefer their skin on and off when making squishy spuds.

For skin on - Parks washes her potatoes and then rubs them down with avocado oil. Otherwise, peel your potato as normal before slicing them into smaller pieces before you boil them.

Here’s where her trick comes in though, she only uses about a cup of water to boil the potatoes. The rest is chicken or beef stock, depending on what you’re going to serve your mashed potatoes with.

Parks also says she adds a pinch of sea salt to the water/broth mixture.

“It will lock in the flavor of your meat,” said Parks, who also noted that the potatoes will turn out creamier.

After that, she says you season as usual.

For the full rundown of how Parks makes her potatoes click here.

***Please note that KSAT has chosen not to embed the video directly as there is some sensitive language that some viewers might find offensive.***

So that’s the secret - boil your potatoes in meat stock.

Parks told Buzzfeed that she learned how to cook from her grandmother, saying “she was one of the best cooks I’ve ever known, so any and all cooking advice she gave me became my holy grail in the kitchen.”


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