Human smuggling cases on the rise in Uvalde, law enforcement says

Uvalde police chief, Uvalde County sheriff share concerns regarding human smuggling cases

UVALDE, Texas – As the U.S. faces the biggest migrant surge in 20 years, communities near the border are already feeling the impact.

“Our community is put in danger every day because there’s high-speed pursuits almost on a daily basis coming through town,” said Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez.

In Uvalde, which is less than two hours away from San Antonio, law enforcement is reporting an increase of human smuggling cases.

“From January 1st to now, I think we’ve seen about 35 cases. We’ve dealt with 35 (human) smuggling cases,” said Uvalde County Sheriff Ruben Nolasco.

Concern and frustration continues to grow for law enforcement.

“When you conduct a traffic stop or you have a chase, you’re not dealing with one or two immigrants. You’re dealing with eight, 20, 22 immigrants,” Nolasco said.

The Uvalde Police Department and the Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office have been working closely with the U.S. Border Patrol.

All resources are being used to handle these cases.

“What does that leave the city with? It’s not leaving them with anything or the county,” Rodriguez said.

“I have 14 deputies. Uvalde County measures 40 miles by 40 miles. So, you’re really stretching my officers thin when we have to get involved in these chases,” Nolasco said.

Nolasco said his deputies are frustrated.

“Remember, again, this is just immigration problems. We still have to deal our burglaries, family violence’s, DWI’s,” Nolasco said.

“I feel disappointed and upset at the same time that there’s some people in Washington D.C. that claim that there’s no crisis here at the southern border, when there is,” Rodriguez said.

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