Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pledges state’s power grid will be ready for winter weather

Abbott promises power grid will be stable, but local outages are still possible

FILE - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaks during a news conference along the Rio Grande, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021, in Del Rio, Texas. Political observers are watching whether Abbott will posthumously pardon George Floyd for a 2004 arrest before the end of the year. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File) (Copyright 2022 by The Associate Press - All rights reserved.)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said demand for power won’t surpass supply during this week’s winter weather after a briefing with state officials.

The strong cold front will lead to freezing temperatures and the potential for ice on roadways throughout Texas, but the cold snap is not expected to be as severe as the one last year.

Though Abbott touted the state grid’s reliability, he warned that power outages may still occur during the cold front due to downed power lines or other local issues.

“It means that for a short period of time, a particular neighborhood may be without power,” Abbott said. “But know that your local power company ... is working to make sure that power will be restored quickly, even though there may not be a problem with the Texas power grid itself.”

When questioned, however, Abbott admitted he can’t guarantee the grid won’t be tested.

“No one can guarantee that there won’t be a ‘load shed event,’” Abbott said.

While the storm is not expected to be as severe as what happened last February, Abbott warned that the weather will still present challenges, especially on the roadways.

“There will be thousands upon thousands of miles of roads that will be extraordinarily dangerous,” Abbott said.

Abbott, along with other state officials, urged drivers to stay off the roads later this week if they can due to the freezing conditions.

In San Antonio, the strong cold front will arrive in San Antonio on Wednesday night and bring another chance of rain.

Temperatures will decrease into the 30s on Thursday morning. There could be a transition to a light wintry mix of freezing rain and sleet Thursday morning, especially in the Hill Country and north of Loop 1604.

People are urged to prepare for the weather. Pets and plants should be taken inside, people who do not have access to central heating should be checked on, and pipes should be covered.

Watch the full briefing below: