Vote 2020 Newsletter: Bexar sheriff race heats up, NYT endorsement mocked


A competitive sheriff’s race is shaping up in Bexar County. A U.S. Senate seat is up for grabs. And there are still a lot of people running for president.

When it comes to politics, there’s a lot to keep up with this year.

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STORY OF THE WEEK: Ng out-raises Salazar more than $70K

Sheriff Javier Salazar and Republican contender Willie Ng. Jr. have raised the most money so far in the 2020 Bexar County sheriff race
Sheriff Javier Salazar and Republican contender Willie Ng. Jr. have raised the most money so far in the 2020 Bexar County sheriff race (KSAT)

Two front-runners for Bexar sheriff emerge after fundraising numbers made public

Campaign finance records released show that incumbent Javier Salazar and challenger Willie Ng have raised the most money in the Bexar County Sheriff’s race. But Ng has out-raised Salazar by more than $70,000.

Salazar, who is running in the Democratic primary, brought in more than $78,000 in contributions from the start of July through the end of December.

Ng, who is running in the Republican primary, raised more than $152,000 in the same time period. The other Republican and Democratic candidates have much smaller contribution numbers in the past six months.


This week, in what’s being called a break from convention, The New York Times’ Editorial Board endorsed two separate Democratic candidates for president. The endorsements went to Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar.

Those endorsements have come under scrutiny. Not just because of the decision to pick two candidates, but also because of how the decision was first announced: at the end of a special episode of the Times’ show, The Weekly.

“Apparently The New York Times has turned their endorsement into a bit of a reality show,” tweeted journalist Dan Rather.

“excited to do a voter fraud because the nyt told me to,” read one tweet sent out by Slate Magazine writer Ashley Feinberg.

Vox.com founder Ezra Klein also chimed in, tweeting: “Warren and Klobuchar are ... very different candidates, running on very different premises.”

It’s important to note that the Times’ Editorial Board is made up of members of their Opinion Department and is an entirely separate entity from the Times’ newsroom.


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The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump begins Tuesday afternoon. Senators will debate the structure and rules of the proceedings. Opening arguments are expected to start Wednesday.

You can read more about what to expect here.

ICYMI: From the News at 9

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News at 9 banner mobile (KSAT)

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Image of QuikTrip proposal in Government Hill
Image of QuikTrip proposal in Government Hill (KSAT)


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