Veteran deputy fired after harassing ex against whom she sought protective order: Records

Tammy Johnson fired after 18 years with BCSO

By Mariah Medina - Digital Journalist

SAN ANTONIO - A veteran Bexar County sheriff's deputy was officially booted from her job in December after her ex-boyfriend, against whom she sought a protective order, reported her for "continuous stalking, harassment and threats," records show.

Deputy Tammy Johnson was issued a letter of dismissal from the job back in October, but she was officially dismissed Dec. 10, 2018 after 18 years with the Sheriff's Office.

According to the dismissal paperwork, Johnson told internal affairs investigators she had split from her boyfriend after he was sentenced to time behind bars for continuous family violence offenses in which she was the victim.


The Sheriff's Office forbade Johnson from contacting her ex-boyfriend, issuing a no-contact order between the pair, but dismissal documents state she admitted to allowing him back into her home and maintaining contact with him while he was incarcerated. The documents allege she was able to conceal the communications by routing her letters through her ex-boyfriend's mother.

When the man was released, Johnson "continuously" tried to get his contact information from his probation officers and his family members and tried reaching him via phone and text message, records state.

Then, after getting in contact with him, Johnson threatened to have him rearrested for allegedly violating the protective order that she sought against him. The man's probation was ultimately revoked because of Johnson, the documents state.

The paperwork also states that Johnson threatened the man's freedom "numerous times." On one occasion, Johnson texted him, saying, "it only takes one second" for him to go back to jail "if that's what you want," records show.

When confronted about whether she associated with a know felon, authorities said she told them she was "unaware he was a convicted felon." Later, however, authorities discovered that in previous text messages, she referred to her ex as a "violent felon."

The Sheriff's Office terminated her employment citing a number of reasons, including the fact that she was dishonest, engaged in "harassing behavior," associated with an individual of "questionable character" and deliberately attempted to cause her ex-boyfriend to violate the protective order.

Johnson was one of seven sworn personnel with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office disciplined in the month of December...

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The Sheriff's Office sent KSAT the following statement:

"Because we are sensitive to the needs of our employees and their family situations, Corporal Vasquez’s work schedule was adjusted to accommodate her child care needs. However, due to repeated violations and the need to maintain consistent discipline, a three day suspension was imposed. Employees are always encouraged to address family needs with their chain of command so that adjustments can be made to their schedule. It is important that these adjustments be beneficial to the employee, their family and the needs of the agency."

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