Cash in your pockets! How you can get $4,500 instantly at Mission Mitsubishi

Cash for Junkers: Bring in a car to Mission Mitsubishi--get $4,500 in bonus cash


Looking to get a little extra cash in your pockets for the holidays??


Bring in a car you don't want anymore to Mission Mitsubishi and get $4,500! 


Everybody gets $4,500 with or without a trade.


(The trade does not have to be a Mitsubishi)


What? This is too good to be true...


For a limited time only--- Mission Mitsubishi is offering $4,500 in cash for your junker!


Tell me more about the $4,500 Cash for Junker promotion!


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Mission Mitsubishi $4,500 Cash for Junkers


Cash For Junkers--with or without a trade on any NEW Mitsubishi you can bring in your old junker and choose from the following:


"We came up with the program to help people out, and get them into a new ride. You do not have to trade in," Louis Gonzalez, Director of Sales, Mission Mitsubishi said. 


  • Get INSTANT CASH BACK $4,500 when you bring in any car

  • Use $4,500 for a down payment on a NEW Mitsubishi

  • Or put $4,500 towards negative equity


You can keep the cash which is very popular, you can apply it to negative equity, or you can put it towards a loan to lower your payments. - Louis Gonzalez 


For more information about the $4,500 Cash For Junkers, you can visit MissionMitsubishi.com or call 210-342-2886. 


Mission Mitsubishi is located at 9800 San Pedro, San Antonio, TX 78216.

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Information courtesy: Mission Mitsubishi 

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