Sunshine Cottage Brings Sunshine

The Sunshine Cottage helps deaf or hearing impaired children excel in learning

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SAN ANTONIOThe Sunshine Cottage is a community based school that helps improve the listening and language skills of children who are deaf or hearing impaired starting as early as infancy. They do this by utilizing state of the art technology to help students communicate with each other so that, "when children leave Sunshine Cottage, you won't be able to tell the difference in their speech and language between them and their typical hearing peers and academically they will be on par with their peers," says Belinda Pustka, executive director of the Sunshine Cottage. 

Sunshine Cottage has been successful in their variety of programs especially the parent-infant program that helps provide emotional and educational support to the parents of newly deaf children. They have also created the Hearing Aid Loner Program which helps ensure that children will always be provided with a hearing aid should they need it as soon as possible.

The founder of the Sunshine Cottage, Dela White, started the school for her daughter Tuleta who was born with profound hearing loss. The school rooted from love and continues to present day through the support and care of the teachers, staff, and therapists that are currently employed. 

Watch to find out more about the beautiful story of the Sunshine Cottage and all the altruistic work they do!