6 exercise moves that will put a spring in your step

Bunny hop into this fun family workout with B. Fit SA

SAN ANTONIO – JoyRide Cycle instructor and trainer with B. Fit SA, Bonny Osterhage shares six easy moves to get the whole family moving!

1. Bunny Hop - All you have to do is hop like a bunny!

2. Egg Drop - Drop it like it’s an Easter egg. Squat, touch the ground, then reach up to put your imaginary egg in your Easter basket.

3. Frog Jump - It’s a twist on a burpee. Watch the video above to see how it goes.

4. Duck Walk - Lunge and flap!

5. Candy Crunch - It’s just a regular crunch with a fun name. The kids will never know...

6. Rabbit Run - Get those knees up and run in place.

For more information on B. Fit SA click here. For more information on JoyRide click here.

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