Real San Antonian: celebrity trainer Jason Echols

Tim Duncan’s personal trainer shares his passion for martial arts and his struggle with bullying

Bullying sparked a fire in celebrity trainer Jason Echols, contributing to his "can-do" attitude

SAN ANTONIO – Known for his long locks, kickboxing training with Tim Duncan and his holistic approach, Jason Echols continues to evolve in the fitness world.

“I started in Tae Kwon Do and then it evolved into an art called kenpo and from kenpo I was able to transition to Muay Thai,” Echols said.

What many may not know about Echols is that he was bullied as a child for being overweight.

“It started to escalate as time went on, sixth grade they were already starting to get pretty physical, pushing and striking and then as I got into junior high school, they started all-out starting to fight... and I was terrified of them,” Echols said. “It fired up a rage in my heart that I knew that I was going to make a decision as a young person that I would never have to be in that position again.”

Once he went to Judson High School his best friend was killed by the neighborhood bully and that’s when Echols took on more fitness training and education.

He’s now worked with some of the best athletes in the world, including San Antonio Spur and NBA Hall-of-Famer Tim Duncan, David Robinson and his son.

“David Robinson is probably the most profound spiritual influence that I’ve ever been graced to have in my life and I’ve also been super blessed to know his family,” Echols said.

His facility is located at E. Sunset & Broadway, in Alamo Heights. He encourages anyone interested in training with him to schedule a tour of his training center. Click here for more on Echols Fitness.

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