Veteran-owned restaurant honors Purple Heart recipients

Compadres Hill Country Cocina in Boerne honors the military through the second annual “Purple Heart Project”

Chef Mark Sierra of Compadres Hill Country Cocina honors Purple Heart recipients this weekend

BOERNE – Step into Compadres Hill Country Cocina in Boerne and you feel the comradery among the military, first responders, and veterans. Chef Mark Sierra, an Army veteran, shares his love for great Tex-Mex food through his grandma’s recipes.

“Some people are driving hours just to come try our food,” Chef and Owner of Compadres Hill Country Cocina Mark Sierra said.

The Army veteran learned how to cook when he was just 10 years old, after his blind grandmother’s hospice nurse refused to feed him.

“She taught me through touching and feeling and tasting,” Sierra said.

Inside the restaurant, you’ll find American flags and tributes to all branches of the military.

This Saturday they host their second annual Purple Heart Project dinner, featuring celebrity, Bill Goldberg as a special guest among other speakers.

The former executive chef at Fair Oaks Hill Country Club was laid off as the COVID-19 pandemic took over. Move forward to today and Compadres Hill Country Cocina is thriving in Boerne.

“We were just named best Mexican restaurant by Explore magazine,” Sierra said.

This year’s event is closed to the public, but you can support this family and veteran-owned restaurant by trying some of their signature menu items--including their rice, beans, and pozole.

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