This hotspot offers ‘Discovery Days’ every weekend in June

Ever been to Natural Bridge Caverns? Get ready to discover!

Credit: Natural Bridge Caverns
Credit: Natural Bridge Caverns (

Looking for some family-friendly activities for the summer?

Invite your friends and family to take part in “Discovery Days,” a hands-on caving experience, accompanied by demonstrations and educational adventure at Natural Bridge Caverns.

Discovery Days will take place every weekend in June from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is an exciting celebration of the International Year of Caves and Karst and the International Day of Caves and the Subterranean World (June 6).

Guests can bring family and friends and take part in this safe, hands-on caving experience, accompanied by an educational adventure filled with live demonstrations and presentations from cave experts.


For the weekend of June 5-6, Natural Bridge Caverns are focusing on exploration. There will be live demonstrations by their own cave exploration team on vertical rope climbing and knot tying techniques for explorers. A cave squeezebox will be available to try out, so guests can feel how small some of the spaces are when exploring wild caves.


On June 12-13, Natural Bridge Caverns are focusing on understanding. The staff of geologists will give a presentation and be on hand to answer questions on cave and karst formations, as well as planning on a visit from another special guest. Cave exploration techniques will be on display and a fun activity is scheduled for this weekend: making a sinkhole in a cup.


The focus for June 19-20 will be the protection of these special landscapes and the critters that inhabit them. In addition to cave explorers, special guests will show visitors how and why protection is necessary for these natural resources, and how it affects our daily lives.


Join the party on June 26-27! It’s time to celebrate, as Discovery Days come to a close.

Additional entertainment will be listed here.

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