Local football star battles disease on and off the field

High schooler Hunter Norment talks about difficulty with Type 1 diabetes

SAN ANTONIO – You may have heard of diabetes, have it, or know someone who deals with the disease every day. 

Type 1 diabetes means the body does not produce insulin, and if you don't monitor your body well, it can be deadly. The constant struggle gets in the way of many peoples' lives across the country as well as the world.

But Hunter Norment, a local football player, sat down with KSAT 12's Max Massey just days before he was set to play in the San Antonio Sports All-Star High School Football Game to discuss how he takes his disease, runs with it and uses it as motivation.

What does Type 1 diabetes mean for your football career?

“If my sugars get way too high I could die out there. We check it all throughout the game like 4, 5 times at half time and we check it before, every day all day,” Norment said.

Norment is a senior at Pleasanton High School and keeps his insulin device with him at all times, because he has to.

“I have to give myself shots to keep living every day,” Norment said.

A lot of people may not understand how the disease comes about or how much maintenance you need to survive, but it’s no easy task.

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