Coldest temperatures of season to arrive late tonight in SA area

Cold front will blast through San Antonio around midnight

SAN ANTONIO – Dense fog early Saturday morning is expected to burn off by the afternoon and give way to partly cloudy skies.

Temperatures will also be well above normal as afternoon highs get into the upper 70s to lower 80s ahead of an arctic cold front currently moving through North Texas.

The front will arrive around midnight to 1 a.m. Sunday and will increase winds out of the north around 15-25 mph with some gusts as highs as 30-35 mph.

The front will not be accompanied by much rain and most of the isolated activity is forecast to remain east of San Antonio.

Be certain to have the coats ready if you plan on being out on Sunday afternoon.

A sharp drop in temperatures will occur by Sunday morning as temperatures drop near the freezing point.

Winds will stay breezy to windy all day long and give a wind chill value in the lower 20s and teens.

Though the sunshine will be out, don’t expect it to warm much as highs will struggle to reach the 40s.

Widespread freezing temperatures are in the forecast for Monday morning.

In fact, most locations will see a hard freeze with temperatures in the mid to lower 20s.  

Winds will still be elevated and some lower teens and single digit wind chill temperatures will very much be a possibility.

Be sure to protect your outdoor pets and provide them with shelter and warmth to battle the cold temperatures. It will also be a good idea to cover sensitive vegetation.

By Tuesday and into the remainder of the week, the air will modify and we’ll get back to the 50s and 60s for highs and under partly to mostly sunny skies.

The big story is the arctic blast arriving late tonight though. Be sure to bundle up and keep warm as it’s effects stick around till Monday.