Online courses allow students to travel any time

The Keystone School program allows students to do classwork while on adventures

By Max Massey - Reporter/Anchor

SAN ANTONIO - School is out for summer and, for many families, that means a vacation.

But members of a local family travel whenever they want, thanks to online courses.

Will Rodriguez, 14, and his family have been going on vacations for as long as he can remember.

When Will's family members go on adventures, they stay for months at a time.

And this year Will is going on the most elaborate trip ever -- to Alaska with James "Dude" Hunter of Dudes Family Adventures.

"We sat down with them all and asked what would be a great adventure, and they came up with all these ideas, and one prominent one was 50 days in Alaska," Hunter said.

When Will makes the trip to Alaska, he'll be able to stay on top of his studies.

He takes online courses with the Keystone School program, and he's been taking them for years.

"I kind of feel like it's a little better than a lot of public schools because I feel like my parents and people around me have a lot of input," he said.

Will said, even though he isn't around children his age as much as public school students are, he still meets people.

"I do find that I found other social outlets. I play violin and participated in a lot of orchestras and found a lot of people a lot like me," he said.

Will said trips such as the one to Alaska are vital to his learning process and his journey, which he hopes will lead him into a biomedical engineering field of video game design. 

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