Secrets of Celebrities: Cupping Therapy

CHICAGO, Ill – It's been around for thousands of years. You've probably never heard of this ancient Chinese pain and beauty treatment but Hollywood sure has; its cupping! 

Actress Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Lady Gaga all swear by it!  Known as cupping, the ancient Chinese therapy is one Hollywood trend that practitioners believe could benefit you too!

Hyundo Kim, Lac, of the National University of Health Sciences told Ivanhoe cupping is meant "To relieve muscular tension, tightness, and even nowadays we use it for cosmetic purposes. It has good results in removing cellulite."

Kim said cupping works by increasing blood flow and circulation.

He also said, "Chi is the energy that actually makes our body feel alive and if there's a chi blockage or stasis, which is where the pain is occurring in the body."

Glass cups are heated up to create a suction effect on the skin promoting healing.

Cupping student David Mayer explained, "Pretty much what we do is when things get blocked up we help it move."

Patient Rueben Guerrero told Ivanhoe, "It feels good. It doesn't hurt."

Patients can expect immediate pain relief that lasts several days.

"It definitely increases circulation of chi energy, so your body feels good and healthy" Kim told Ivanhoe.

Just watch out for the tell-tale red marks it can leave! We're told those will fade over a week or two.

Experts say cupping is often done together with acupuncture for maximum benefit, but those who are afraid of needles can still benefit from cupping alone.