City addresses I-35 lower level flooding

Mayor: Bond money dedicated to stopp flooding


SAN ANTONIO – It is a major problem on a major highway that runs right through downtown: flooding on the lower level of Interstate 35.

It happened again Wednesday morning during a downpour.

"Too many places across the city, including this spot on the lower level of 35, they become dangerous in a heartbeat (and) we can't have that," said Mayor Julian Castro.

Not only is it dangerous for drivers, but it also holds up traffic.

That is one reason why the mayor pushed so hard for the bond issue that passed in May.

Some $12.5 million was dedicated to the McCullough area drainage project to help keep water off the highway.

"This project in and of itself won't do the whole job, but it is going to relieve some of the flooding from the surface street around I-35," said Castro. "We know it's going to reduce the amount of water."

The mayor said the project is going to need some help from the Texas Department of Transportation.

TxDOT's Laura Lopez said they are "looking at ways to improve drainage." 

They will continue to use the pumps, despite a malfunction Wednesday.

The project will start with the design this fall. Construction should begin in May 2015 and be completed by December 2016.

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