Major League Baseball headed for San Antonio

Texas Rangers


SAN ANTONIO – Major League Baseball fans in San Antonio are finally going to get a team. But it's not a long-term thing.

The Texas Rangers are headed to San Antonio to play an exhibition game this coming season and the city's top baseball fan is pumped.

"It's good to have them come here. I think they are  the best team in baseball," said Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff.

Wolff got a call from Reid Ryan about six months ago about playing the game in the Alamo city. Reid is the son of Hall-of-Famer and Rangers owner Nolan Ryan.

"He said, 'Do you think the city would be interested in that?' and I said, ‘I think they would be,'" Wolff said.

The really interesting part of the conversation, Wolff said, came when Reid said they wanted to play in the Alamodome.

"(It) kind of startled me that they would consider playing in the 'Dome because it's going to be an odd configuration," Wolff said.

They will probably put home plate in a corner, Wolff said. Left field and center field would be the right distance from home, but right field would be a pretty short porch.   

Wolff said the pitchers will have to throw a lot of inside pitches to left-handers.

Even with that, Wolff said it should be a fun for several reasons.

"It will be a fun day. It will be fun to see them. I know they want to be a part of the community," he said. "Reid wants to help out a number of different issues."

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